Barack Obama Sworn In As US President Today

BARACK Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America today – the first African American to be given the chance.

He did it in a way that was truly breathtaking, mobilising supporters using the power of the web, the mobile, broadcast and print.

Academics will be feasting on the campaign for years.

Today millions across the world will watch the inauguration on TV, online or in person – probably the biggest multi-media event in history.

For my insignificant part, I've chosen to change the theme of the blog. 

Just for the day, just for fun.

Then I might start blogging with my other site, Obamania, in the hope someone will be daft enough to buy it from me one day.

Meantime a rare plug for my old chum Neil McIntosh over at the Wall Street Journal where he recently was elected to power himself – as editor of its European online edition.

This will be his first real test in the big chair, and already they are off to a flyer.

But something I think will be hugely enjoyable to watch unfold is from fellow Typepad bloggers Januarythe20th.

It's something of a social media experiment, one charting history, and one we can all take part in.

Yes, we can.

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1 reply

  1. It’s a shame nobody told your man and the Chief Justice to rehearse the Oath of Office.
    And he started his speech with a mistake!

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