Better To Get A Reporting Job In Baghdad Than Scotland?

Arthur MacMillan used to be a well kent face around Scottish journalism in part for the media diary he used to maintain diligently for his employers.

It was a job that eventually led him to quit Scotland, being as he was one of the first to spot the storm that was to lay siege to the industry. 

Or as he put it: "I didn't want to be part of the wreckage that saw journalism take second place to making money." He went further in this piece for the British Journalism Review written during his stint working in Hong Kong for AFP.

Today, all being well, he should touch down in Baghdad assuming he was able to collect his visa from the embassy in Jordan last night, before starting a year long posting in Iraq.

He is scheduled to start work proper tomorrow which I'd imagine may be a pretty full on affair given that it is the same day as Barack Obama's inauguration and plenty copy needed on how Iraqis respond to a change of regime in the US.

Either way it is a cracking opportunity for him, and I'll pass on some valuable advice given to me by a veteran of such theatres the last time I headed into a war zone: "Keep your heid doon son and just remember the first thing we need you to file. 

"Your collect. Just in case, like."

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