The Scotsman Editor Mike Gilson: We Must Keep Our Nerve

Mike Gilson, The Scotsman editor, has given an vodcast interview to The Drum where he comes across as frank, bullish and optimistic about the future of not just his newspaper but the Scottish media industry in general.

And after what editorially at least was an extremely good year for Gilson and his paper, it is refreshing to hear some of his hopes for the future – although we must wait and measure them against whatever actions follow in the coming months.
He acknowledges the challenges faced by media groups, not least through falling advertising, but insists newspapers like The Scotsman must keep their nerve, get through tough times in 2009, and look to whatever 2010 can bring.
Gilson also speaks at some length about the importance of understanding and grasping the opportunities offered by multi-media online, yet he offers soothing counsel to those traditionalists who defend print.
He states: "We still love the newspaper and it's fundamental to us."
Perhaps stung by recent criticisms of the redeveloped website, he insists the changes were necessary for Group reasons rather than style, and in acknowledging "teething problems" says further changes and improvements are to follow.
And despite the challenges, he says it is importantfor  journalists like him to observe one fundamental: to remember what they enjoy about the job in the first place.

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