Observer’s Chris Boffey Named Charity Chairman

Dazzled by the bright lights of London many moons ago, I left my employ as a news reporter at the Scottish Daily Record for the first time in search of work in the big smoke.

The first to give me a helping hand was then Sunday People news editor David Wooding, now Whitehall Editor at The Sun, who had a huge impact on my learning the trade.

The second was a chap called Chris Boffey, who was kind enough to put me on the weekend rota for the Sunday Telegraph night newsdesk.

It was a relatively short-lived affair after I was offered and accepted a post over at the Daily Mirror but was always grateful for his help, and worked with him again years later when he became news editor of the red top.

Now news editor at The Observer, he has just been named chairman of the Journalists' Charity.

In these tough times I'm sure he and all those involved will have their work cut out, and I wish both Boffey and his team all the very best of luck.

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