Herald and Times Debate At Holyrood Today

As trailed on allmediascotland yesterday and detailed by Media Guardian today, MSPs at Holyrood are debating a motion over Newsquest's controversial decision to force editorial staff to re-apply for jobs at the Herald and Times Group.

At the very least it should make awkward PR for a company that once upon a time had a proud newspaper tradition of exposing other such firms who would use these kinds of practices on their workforce.

Whether of not it will lead to anything other than that is anyone's guess at this stage. That very much depends how passionate those running our country feel about the systematic dismantling of great journalistic traditions.

It will rely on how fiercely they hope to protect a range of political voices enjoyed by this country for decades and the threat of at least some of those being silenced by mergers, closures and reduced headcount.

But the most interesting aspect of today's debate will be how it is covered by other media organisations in its wake.

Given the gravity of the story, it should be one of the agenda setting political tales of the day, worthy of a page lead at least.

Yet as most of those same companies are facing their own problems, running the risk of pot and kettle syndrome, will any be brave enough to do the story justice?

The Scotsman may be tempted, since it has been a recent and regular recipient of negative coverage in the Sunday Herald's media column, and since the paper's own staff have already made moves to back their beleaguered colleagues in the west.

But what about the rest? Will they stand tall, or simply look the other way fearful of fate may befall them over the coming months too?

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