NCE Pass Rates Fall Below 50 Per Cent

When newspaper cuts come more often than not it is the senior staff who go – because they are the big hitters with the big salaries.

Look around whichever newsroom you are in today and search for the ghosts of the past and ask yourself who – in all honesty – has replaced them.

Then look at this link about falling pass rates in the NCE, now less than 50% according to the NCTJ who cite poor shorthand, poor legal understanding, missing deadlines and worst of all, poorly written copy, as the chief offenders.

Those of us who started some time ago were the lucky ones. Chief reporters and seniors to work for as leg-men, showing you the ropes and the dark arts you don't learn in the lecture halls or from being able to write a blog.

They may not have known how to add video to a website or demanded a decent pay for their expertise, but boy could they find and write a story.

But who will the next generation learn from if all the old timers are gone?

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