How do you feel about journalism right now?, asks Wired Journalists

Over at Wired Journalists they've been asking the question, 'How do you feel about journalism right now?'

Given that those answering are doing so from a largely US perspective, it is interesting to note that the problems afflicting journalism there, as in here, are much the same.

The appetite for journalism is a insatiable as ever, they say, it's just the service being offered by management that's ruining their meal.

Yesterday's poll on Milne Media, meanwhile, asked the question: "Do you agree with Group Managing Editor Tom Thomson's assessment that these are "exciting times" across the Herald and Times Group?"

An overwhelming 60.9% voted 'Don't be stupid. The man's a blithering idiot. Well saying he's still in a job.'; a worrying (for him at least) 21.7% said 'I'll show him excitement if he dares speak to me ever again.'; while 17.4% got into the swing of things, saying: 'Yes. I can hardly wait to re-apply for my job. This time of year adds to the thrill.'

A new question relating to the Sunday Herald has been posted today.

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