Carbon neutral digital magazine ecoforyou launches today

Today digital publication ecoforyou  officially launches – a new online only lifestyle magazine aimed at helping readers make an informed choice on green issues.

It's published by me and my old friend Gerry Cassidy, our latest idea after we opted to move on from our jobs at the Daily Mirror and Daily Record respectively, and set up design, media and publishing house Planet Ink Ltd  almost three years ago now.

Although we carry out work for other companies, there's nothing better than having your own title. The highs and the lows are of your own doing.

Picture 5
So we're thrilled to be able to share ecoforyou with you today.

We've already had some good press thanks to the likes of The Drum,, Business 7, HoldTheFrontPage,, Gorkana, DWP, FeaturesExec – with AMS also running a click through ad on their bulletin for the rest of the week.

YUDU Media, whose platform we continue to use to host the editions, have also kindly agreed to cover the publishing costs of the first edition and send it out to their entire database on our behalf, further cementing our already solid relationship with them and their outstanding staff.

A website at has also gone live thanks to the fantastic talents of Marten Claridge, and it is here all editions will be available for free.

As always, I'd welcome any freedback on how you think the new mag looks, and would urge all who read it to send it onto everyone in their address books.

We're trying to break the mould by using bloggers, social networking sites and other means to increase the hit count, a bit of an experiment granted, but one we hope could help transform publishing as we know it.

Also, the mag is 100 per cent carbon neutral thanks to Carbon Passport and also available as a Text Only  version compatible with screen readers for the blind and visually impaired.

We're also carrying out tests to see if this version can be viewed on SmartPhones, Blackberries and iPhones.

I hope you enjoy playing with all the interactive functions too.

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  1. Love the new publication. Great content and visually stunning. You guys are a great case study on what can be done with the YUDU platform. Keep up the great work, guys.

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