System Edges Closer for Daily Record & Sunday Mail

The so called 'Project X' – a new editorial system being developed in a secret bunker at Central Quay for Trinity Mirror – is creeping ever closer to being rolled out.

Staff at the company's flagship paper – The Mirror – in London have been told to expect its introduction there in Spring next year.

That is after editorial staff working with the IT department have rolled it out in Scotland which is being used as a guinea pig for the new OS.

A sign of how near it may be is in the senior and able staff now seconded onto the project.

Ric Papineau, a senior ranking and highly trusted editorial executive at the Mirror, along with colleague Bryan McComb, have been ordered to Glasgow to oversee its end of the package as final tests are conducted.

That follows extensive development in London which, for a time, saw the Daily Record's highly rated deputy editor Murray Foote performing a similar role from Canary Wharf before the project was moved for intensive trials to Glasgow.

Since then other staff including the Record's long-time  Art Editor Lucy Allsop and her deputy, senior staff from the Record newsdesk, and former Scottish Mirror editor Jonathan Russell, are all believed to have been involved in the crack unit.

Managing director Mark Hollinshead – recently having his powers extended to cover all Trinity Mirror nationals – is alleged to have confided in industry sources that he hopes and expects to make an announcement on its implications shortly.

There is much speculation within the workforce that the new system will be a bastardized version of the ever popular InDesign package, similar to that rolled out across Trinity's Midland's stable in April.

The functions would, among other things, streamline the subbing and editorial processes, including making copy available for print, online, digital and potentially mobile too.

Some also suggest the company may be looking at a rebranding exercise to co-incide in order to give a boost to the brand in order to attract advertising but if so, would be secondary to having the new tech rolled out.

Meanwhile The Drum reported that the Scottish branch of the NUJ – whose members have been working to rule at the titles – have been invited to talks about the system's introduction, sparking fears of the need to negotiate over potential job losses.

However under MD Hollinshead, several positions have been left unfilled throughout the papers already, with some suggestion they may not now be replaced in order to reduce the number of potential casualties.

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