Alan Cochrane’s Stirring It Up Adds Wealth To Web

"Three hundred and eight years ago, the Scottish nation beggared itself with its ill-fated attempt to found a colony at Darien on the mosquito and disease ridden isthmus of Panama. That national catastrophe led, seven years later, to its joining forces with England in the Treaty of Union.

Could it be that another financial calamity will make the maintenance of that Union appear even more essential for Scots?"

No, not from Bill Jamieson, but another well-respected Titan of Scottish journalism in the form of the Daily Telegraph's Alan Cochrane.

Work commitments mean I've only just got round to reading his Tuesday column which states the above.

It is also riddle with lovely little anecdotes including the fact the First Minister was once an economic adviser to RBS and how Fred Goodwin was so revered by the likes of BA.

But this is where the web makes it much more fun. 

Click on the link and see the online froth filled debate his take on events has sparked.

All good fun.

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