ecoforyou – free, carbon neutral digital magazine coming soon

Exciting times this month as my company Planet Ink
for the launch of 

It's an idea we've been looking at for quite a while now.

But with the trees undressing themselves for winter it seems the perfect time to go-ahead.

Like any new launch, it's a bit of a gamble.

Yet because of the way we hope to grow ecoforyou, inviting
readers like you to help, we are confident that it could go on to become
something quite special.

We're grateful for the media coverage we received last week after
issuing a release heralding the pending arrival of our new title.

But today I'm pleased to offer a sneak peek of how it's coming

Picture 3

We've gone for a digital only format using the multi-award winning YUDU Media platform for a number of reasons, not least the environmental benefits.

Being digital, we don't need to use up any natural resources like paper or use the huge amounts of energy required to print.

As an online title, we will be using websites, social networking groups like Facebook and Twitter, and calling on readers and fellow bloggers to send it to a friend.

Again, this means there is no need to trunk thousands of paper copies by road, rail or air, doing away with carbon emmissions.

We'll also be inviting businesses to use the pages as their own in-house environmental mag to communicate ith their workforce, clients and colleagues.

It's deliberately light in style to appeal to as broad a demographic as possible, but will have plenty of reading with exclusive interviews, news and tips to help inform readers how to make an informed choice on making their lifestyle greener.

What's different about this mag compared to print isn't just the environmental credentials of being digital only – although it will be carbon neutral.

But its interactivity. Which is part of our idea, to help familiarise people with the idea of digital page turn titles, and educate them about their merits over print.

For instance our readers will be able to elect their own cover at the click of a mouse, view embedded videos, use buttons to scroll through articles, view pictures, open up additional information and – most importantly – send it onto others.

The official launch will be on Tuesday October 21 but if anyone is keen to see it sooner, then email me on to get the link 24-hrs earlier.

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