Herald & Times Group Seeks Web Wonder

Tim Blott must have an awfully nice desk. I imagine it to be expansive and sturdy, the kind of imposing wooden structure that sets off glass domed offices in US telly dramas.

You know. Heavy enough for some Ally McBeal style office romp, oone that would take six to eight removal men to shunt into place.

Or in the case of the Herald & Times Group’s managing director, to bear the weight of all the paperwork that must be fairly piling up on his desk.

For the out tray, appropriately enough, I have visions of succinct letters confirming redundancies, a few neatly typed paragraphs wishing the recipient all the best in their future careers.

But piled upon the in tray, I imagine beautifully bound leather folders containing the Curriculum Vitae of all those believing themselves worthy of the editor-in-chief’s job currently being advertised for the group’s titles.

A few others held together by paperclips, staples or cheap plastic covers at the bottom of the pile, one or two from internal candidates and those printed off from emails sandwiched in between.

After all, there’s only three weeks left for would be applicants to throw their names into the hat.

But it was the job of Web Producer that caught my eye in their recruitment section this Sunday, a position that carries a £40,000 salary.

Given the responsibility that goes with the job – managing a dedicated web development team, project delivery, liaising with sales and marketing staff to fulfil commercial objectives, site integrity, design and user experience, revenue growth and keeping an eye on the latest trends – it doesn’t seem the greatest pay packet on offer.

But it’s still not to be sniffed at given that S1 is already a very strong brand with massive as yet untapped potential.

Although the line that states the successful applicant must also be able to “lead and motivate a team and simultaneously manage several projects each with multiple stakeholders” does suggest the need to avoid having any kind of life outside of work.

The reason it grabbed my attention, though, was the fact that the closing date is Friday October 17, a full fortnight before applications for the top job close.

Given that the new editor-in-chief will be expected to lead a charge on the online as well as print markets, it would seem to make sense for them to be working alongside the S1 brand, to maximise the potential for it as a brand and the three newspaper titles on their watch.

Which makes me wonder not just who will be hoping their CV makes it to Blott’s desk, but which of the positions he will aim to fill first.

Someone to hit the ground running to maximise the online opportunities at a time when the likes of Trinity Mirror’s Sly Bailey are warning rival groups to get their digital houses in order even as her own prepares to axe what insiders fear will be a rumoured third of staff on some newspaper titles.

Or someone to lead the charge from the front and inspire staff confronted by a digital age that is claiming jobs faster than people can adapt to the opportunities it should, in fact, be bringing.

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