Digital Just Got Even Better

Publishers YUDU Media unveiled a raft of impressive new features yesterday to continue their march to digital domination.

Fresh from snapping up Associated’s contract for their e-Metro newspaper, they have transformed their award winning Freedom product to the all singing all dancing

My company Planet Ink Ltd has been using YUDU for the last couple of years to host our own award winning publications.

And their new initiatives could prove really fruitful for us.

They have created an online library for free editions – like a virtual newsagent – to help increase audience share for clients and allow proper, accessible archiving.

But the clever bit is what that allows readers to do.

From yesterday, users can now rate articles or products, share content on communities, add comments and other user generated content.

Nothing ground breaking in the concept, but a real development in the world of digital titles, extending their usefulness to the publishers.

Not least because of the additional statistical information that is to be gleaned from such interactivity.

It allows design and media companies like ours to help clients with their needs.

Planet Ink Ltd also has a couple of new projects of its own to be unveiled in the few weeks which will undoubtably benefit from the additional functions.

So watch this space.

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