Take A Bow, Daily Record’s Bob Dow

The Daily Record’s office in Aberdeen has for years been one of the most consistent performers in terms of breaking great stories for the paper.

Their dynamic duo of Charlie Gall and Bob Dow often have stories sewn up complete with collects before their masters on the Glasgow newsdesk have even had their first morning coffee.

Not that they’d ever tell them, of course.

But they always deliver the great tales when least expected – and yesterday was no exception.

Bob Dow’s name graced the front page yet again with this great tale about millionaire The Horse Whisperer author Nicholas Evans.

Essentially he and his family ate some deadly mushrooms and were rushed to hospital. A slow recovery looms.

Some have argued with me that such a tale doesn’t fit well as a red top tabloid’s splash, not like today’s exclusive by a sports hack about Rangers player Nacho Novo getting a guard after receiving threats.

“That’s not what Record readers want,” one chided.

And while I can understand what they are driving at, I disagree.

A good story is a good story. And a famous author and his family brushing death through an act of innocent folly is a good story wherever it appears.

So good, in fact, most rivals had it on their news websites as the ink was drying on the early editions.

And almost all have followed it up in print today.

Better still, AFP and PA have picked up the tale which means – a quick Google search shows – that it is now being read in the united States, Australia, New Zealand and beyond

So take a bow, Mr Dow, it is a cracking tale all round.

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1 reply

  1. Yes, well done Bob.
    But was it really necessary for Radio Scotland, in their news report at 11am on Tuesday, to inform listeners that the Horse Whisperer’s condition was “stable”?

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