Signs of the Time

Back in April I mentioned e-paper as one of the innovations that had really caught my eye.

It came via a post on the official FUJITSU website slugged Changing the Way We Read.

The possibilities seemed huge.

Although it wasn’t the physical size I was thinking about, at least, until I read this article from Asian business site Tech-On.

It tells how e-paper is being used in tests for a wall sized newspaper as can be seen in this picture of how it might look.


It is part of a three way trial between Bridgestone Corp, Manchini Newspapers Co Ltd and the Tokyo Metro Government’s transport bureau who have agreed to let the signage be installed at the city’s Shinbashi and Shinjukusanchome subway entrances.

A3 in size, the e-paper sheets are simply hung on the wall inside, updating news and photos via a compact PC and mobile phone connected to the back of the panel using a high speed mobile network.

Results and feedback from the tests are expected to be released later this year.

Again, the potential is massive. Although I do wonder if a touch-screen rival might not be too far away on the horizon.

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