ABCes Up, Mostly

The latest ABCe stats are out and offers great encouragement for most of the UK publishers, regardless of how they are recording their data.

It seems that Guardian Online has not just retained its place as number one from the UK newspaper publishers, but extended its lead slightly.

While Trinity Mirror has recorded a month on month drop, yet remains significantly up year on year.

But this month what caught my eye was just how insignificant all this is when compared to the monster that is BBC Online.

Looking back at the stats, they recorded 3,832,956,969 page impressions in March from 90,076,709 unique users.

Compare that with the best performing UK newspaper website at The Guardian with 20.6 million unique users (up 28.41%), Telegraph on 18.75m unique users (down 4.9%) and you get the idea.

It is an unfair comparison, given that BBC Online covers EVERYTHING for Auntie.

Even still, just taking News and Sport for the Beeb, and they have somewhere in the region of 50,358.061 unique users.

But it should offer hope to those dealing with digital and the website that there really is an growing audience out there, when all too often all we hear about is declining circulation.

Read the newspaper for the past month stats here.

It’s mostly good news all round.

Check out the rest – including magazines – here.

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