What HAS Happened to the Scottish Press?

Former Herald editor Mark Douglas-Home writes a piece for The Observer’s business and media section today decrying the state of the Scottish Press.

In particular, how London based titles are growing stronger while home grown publications are failing.

You can read his views here.

But he isn’t the only one to lament the decline of our indigenous papers in Alba.

A former media correspondent has penned a pretty scathing attack on the nation’s press which is likely to be published within the next few weeks.

Arthur MacMillan has contributed 3000 words for the next edition of the British Journalism Review looking at the problems that have befallen his old stomping ground in the 18-months since he left to join AFP in Hong Kong.

As a taster of what’s to come in the piece, his blog states:

“The cycle of redundancies, budget cuts and general malaise at these publishers seems never ending. They show no sign of recovery.”

And he adds:

“When the editor of The Herald decides he can do nothing about it, and resigns, then surely the point is made.”

There may those who will disagree with his analysis, to be published later this month.

Equally, there will be those who will agree with every word.

Either way, it should be a compelling read.

What may prove just as interesting, however, will be hearing the thoughts of the editor he refers to, The Herald’s outgoing Charles McGhee, as he too prepares to give a state of the nation about the Fourth Estate in Scotland.

He is speaking at an event in the next few weeks, and in light of his recent resignation, may very well find himself addressing a larger crowd than would otherwise have been expected.

What isn’t so clear, is whether we’ll be able to read all about it in Scotland’s troubled news pages.

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