Trinity Mirror’s Digital Revolution Starts To Pay

On Monday this blog highlighted good news for Trinity Mirror over the growth of visitors to its ever expanding stable of websites.

It’s been a subject I’ve returned to many times this past year, because as this post in January suggested, it is on the net where the media war could be lost or won.

And this week we discovered just how vital a battleground it has become.

While operating profits across the group fell by some £15m for Trinity Mirror, revenues for its digital divisions were up a massive 40% in the first half of 2008 to £22.3m – totaling 4.8% of of its group revenues.

The target for the company is to raise that to £100m within four years.

In Scotland and across the rest of the UK, they have been investing in regional digital.

Their reward being revenues up 33% to £19.5m. Not bad when you look at the relatively modest time-frames that have elapsed so far.

When you look at the performance of digital across the nationals – up 100% – even before the relaunch of, then you can see just why it remains one area for investment while others feel the pain of £40m in cuts across this year and the next.

They may have been slow out of the blocks in many respects, but as revenues plunge elsewhere, expect to see staff redeployed across the group as “digital” becomes king.

And perhaps more good cheer for the company at a time when there seems little on offer elsewhere.

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