Starting To Click Online For Trinity Mirror

It’s always good to start the week on a positive, especially if you’ve had the torrid couple of months Trinity Mirror have endured.

So there must be a huge warm glow coming from Canary Wharf with news that visitors to the Group’s websites are up a staggering 90% year on year.

Admittedly, they started from a fairly low level.

But now that efforts are being made to take them forward, the company is seeing the reward.

Their figures for June are up 16.7% on the previous month’s figure – 434,114 new users – taking the total audited audience of unique users to 5,426,320.

Perhaps significantly, 56% of the audience are from within the UK, which must prove crucial in trying to woo jittery advertisers in these times of crunching credit.

But it isn’t just Trinity Mirror enjoying good news online.

According to a report in today’s Media Guardian, the six largest newspaper groups in the UK attracted nearly 95 millions visitors between them in June.

The news is based on a report by the Newspaper Marketing Agency, aggregating web traffic from the 16 national titles owned by members of the Newspaper Publishers Association.

Interestingly, the figures also show that when stripped down, around 50% of users choose to stick to a single title suggesting that they display similar loyalty online as they do to printed editions.

That includes 22 million users accessing their chosen newspaper website directly or using their ‘favourites’ tab, and a further 33 million through top referrer Googgle.

The report – Newspaper Online Analytics – also shows that 95 of the top 100 search terms that led to the sites included the names of the title, web address or site specific feature.

Which can only spell good news for Trinity Mirror as it prepares to shore up its online adventures.

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