New Look for Mirror Website Unveiled

The Mirror has launched its new look website today and as predicted last week, has a pretty heavy showbiz content.

And sure enough, as this blog suggested back in April, it has been pulled together by Cases Associats who carried out the re-design of the main paper too.

But it goes further, with sections aimed at attracting readers to click on their colour coded sections, much like those introduced through the main paper.

For some reason when I logged on at 2pm, the main splash story about Jeremy Kyle wasn’t showing up on my Mac – possibly because it was changing to the breaking news of canoe wife Anne Darwin being convicted of fraud.

Fortunately Jemima Kiss and Roy Greenslade had managed a peak for their first thoughts.

It’s bold, colourful, easy to navigate – but doesn’t give immediate access to stories in the traditional sense – forcing the user to click through for the story, which may well be a good tactic to push up the ABCe figures through engagement.

But with rumours of some discord behind the scenes among hard pressed staff working on the website, it will be curious to see how it performs going on now the re-launch has happened, and if it can succeed in making the flagship title a real player online.

For the sake of those that have shown faith in the new approach, I really hope so, because it tough times like these hard work and courage surely deserves at least some success.

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