Facebook Grows Up

Facebook is holding its annual developer’s conference over in San Francisco today with all eyes on the new look which is expected to go live tonight.

For a sneak peak, both Inside Facebook and allfacebook are well worth a look.

But it is another development that caught my eye.

They are expected to announce more detail about ‘Facebook Connect’ – something that is expected to allow users to put their own Facebook identities onto other web sites.

The third party application will allow them to port information on their Real Identities, Friends Access, Trusted Authentication and Dynamic Privacy – in theory ensuring the user has full control over which sites can access the various elements of their online Facebook ID.

The FT’s Kevin Allison wrote this piece about it today.

More details were expected to be unveiled at the conference today by Dave Morin and Mike Vernal.

But what is clear of the world’s biggest social networking site is this.

Facebook is going from being a bit of fun between friends and colleagues to something far more serious.

We see some examples of that already by the more switched on who have spotted the potential.

But in doing so, does Facebook run the risk of losing the appeal that made it a winner in the first place, or can it go from strength to strength in an ever more competitive market?

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