Newspaper Websites Get Facelift

This week’s Press Gazette has a piece about forthcoming changes to The Telegraph’s website as it looks to build on the huge success it has enjoyed in attracting viewers over the past 18-months.

And the main emphasis, it seems, will be on increasing ‘user engagement’ which appears to be the new Holy Grail for media companies as less and less stock is put on the once all powerful SEO optimization agendas in favour of seeking new tricks to keep brands ahead.

And fair play.

By attracting users who will fully interact with the product, publishers can rightly claim to advertisers that there is more value in their traffic by click if someone is choosing to linger ran than click and run.

And as the article suggests, the tradition of link heavy vertical columns is giving way to panels and horizontals, much has been the case in the States where many are leading innovations in web papers.

This also serves the purpose of having more information available above the digital fold – the part of the screen people see first when opening a homepage.

After its rebranding of the main paper, my ex chums in London tell me the Daily Mirror is also poised to unveil its new look website along similar veins, and as suggested previously, is likely to include far more showbiz content on the splash page than previously.

It follows a series of coming and goings with staff which could now herald the official re-launch as early as the next fortnight.

There had been some suggestions that Spanish firm Cases Associats had been involved with the web redesign as well as that for the main paper, but so far no previews have been forthcoming.

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