New mic for Mike

Mike Graham, my old editor from our Scottish Daily Mirror days, has been busying himself with radio these past couple of years.

And if people have noticed his star on the rise, it seems plenty more will get the chance to hear a version of the independent republic of Mike Graham in full voice on Monday.

He’s been given a crack at covering for the controversial Jon Gaunt on the 10am – 1pm show for talkSport1089 in London – without doubt his biggest audience yet.

Recently he’s been standing in for Ian Collins on the station’s 10pm – 1am slot.

So this will give station bosses a chance to see what he’s really made of – and to see how the audience and media commentators react.

Anytime I listen it always reminds me of our old news conferences – but without the swearing – as he tries to put the world to rights with his often forthright views, with Sunday mornings on Radio Scotland recently having been re-awakened with his contributions too.

But good fun, all the same.

The timing is apt also, as I hear the big fella is moving back near the Big Smoke after six years of bludgeoning the Scottish media scene to within an inch of its life.

So now it’s London’s turn again – abeit with a different genre from his first time around.

And, knowing Mike as we do, anything is possible next.

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