Central Subbing Pool Looms

News that Trinity Mirror are to merge subbing operations at the Mirror, Sunday Mirror and People confirms the worst fears of many.

The 11 redundancies they are seeking this time may be “voluntary” at this stage, but all the indicators are it is the beginning of the end for the titles as we know it.

If this is allowed to go ahead, does anyone really doubt they won’t then look to do the same with picture desks and others?

In a statement about the changes about to hit the Mirror stable, it states that the Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail would be unaffected.

And off course, there are no subs left on the Scottish Daily Mirror, after the company axed them all in 2006, production being carried out in London ever since.

But will that still be the case once the new cuts bite?

Will they still have the resources to bring out its Scottish edition – or are other, more dramatic plans afoot?

A legitimate question, you’d think, since only a fortnight ago the title symbolically lost its Editor’s office.

Its Sunday sister title is also about to lose its News Editor, her leaving bash this coming Wednesday, amid a company wide recruitment freeze and no word of a replacement.

So before anyone relaxes about assurances over Scots based subs from Canary Wharf, let me remind you about something I posted last month, suggesting a seven day multi-media operation may be on the cards for Central Quay.

And bearing in mind that they company have spent months looking over an entirely new editorial system to be implemented into the operation, should production staff now also be wondering what exactly the implications of that may be for their own futures.

Some friends and former colleagues might not thank me for such speculation, but they and the company always have the right to reply via the comments tab.

But the above is based on conversations I’ve had with people in their London and Glasgow offices.

More interesting, though, is what those outwith are thinking.

One commentator to this blog made the point this week that integration of the daily and Sunday operations was talked about throughout her tenure with the papers.

While another Neil McIntosh, made perhaps the most startling and sensible observation, that Newspaper plc has failed, it simply can’t cope without destroying the product.

So maybe now really is the time to usher in the return of the Press baron, even with all the baggage such a move may bring.

* Disclosure: for anyone who doesn’t know, I worked at some point for each of the titles mentioned above. See my about page for details.

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