Mail Online Now Number One UK Website

Summer usually sees a decline in newspaper circulations, but that clearly isn’t the case online.

Records have been getting smashed left, right and centre and, for the first time, the celebrity packed Mail Online has been crowned king of the web.

It beats down both and, largely owing to changes in the use of SEO and – crucially – the recording of the data with no industry standard as yet.

Get ready for the battle to hot up over the next quarter.

Full details are available from MediaGuardian here.

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2 replies

  1. Did you see the article and post that mention a part of this is because the DM2.0 has wangled some nice mentions on Digg? Seems like fair play to me – keep tweaking what you do online to draw people to your site and then hope that they will click around.

  2. The Mail’s also enjoyed the traditional bounce from a high profile, publicised redesign of its site in that period, but I think you’ve hit upon a key there.
    At the moment, without a recognised global industry standard measurement, web traffic analysis just becomes an unregulated contest in urinating up a wall higher than the next bloke.
    No doubt the quality paper sites will wheel out their own metrics in the next couple of weeks saying that their own traffic is substantially higher using their own accounting systems.
    ABCe is a step in the right direction, but there also needs to be greater validation and breakdown of what that traffic represents beyond the core site – be it microsites, forums, blogs, and so on – and it’s only valid once everyone’s signed up to the same accounting package and the same auditing processes, right across the industry.
    Ultimately, you can make metrics say what you want them to say. As Jim Moir’s alter ego once said, 88.2% of statistics are made up on the spot.

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