Argie Bargy As SRU Turns To Online

The Scottish Rugby Union has bemoaned the arguably surprising lack of interest from TV companies in this weekend’s tour match away to Argentina after none of the terrestrial or satellite/cable companies chose to show the game.

But it may eventually work in the SRU’s favour, as they instead turn to the internet to keep fans happy.

Linking up with Media Zone – the same firm who streamed the rugby world cup – fans will be able to watch the match online, much in the way many football games are streamed.

And it opens up a potentially wider market for an SRU, including the potentially lucrative ex-pat community all too often starved of following their nation from abroad.

Whether or not the game might have been shown by apparently reluctant suitors had it not been up against Euro 2008 is one question a disappointed SRU will now have to look at, so too asking themselves if the problem is perhaps more deep rooted than that.

But in spite of this, it may at least have a bounce effect for the Sunday papers who, despite the 8.10pm kick-off, may still have a chance to squeeze the report and result into their later editions, the Sunday Herald and Scotland on Sunday likely to be chief benefactors if deadlines allow.

And for the SRU, a chance to gather much needed marketing data to improve the way it targets supporters, and the possible revenue streams that could follow.

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