iPhone – I’ve Got to Get One

Having recently opted to stick with TypePad rather than switch to WordPress, I was delighted to see that they have hooked up with Apple for the all new iPhone.

In this year’s keynote address at the WorldWide Developers Conference in San Francisco Typepad’s Michael Seppley talked about their development for iPhone using Apple’s all new SDK – (that’s the software developer’s kit to us luddites).

And it looks so simple.

Blogging from mobiles is, of course, nothing new.

But the Typepad feature will be free as a native function for iPhone from it’s launch on July 11.

Which means more blogs from me … because I’ve got to get one.

Now my wife said she’d buy me one for my birthday, but as it was a hefty bit of change I selflessly said it was a great gesture, but no, no, no. Bit expensive.

Fast-forward a day or two, and Apple (dontcha love ’em?) slashed the price by half, made it 3G and added everything but the candles.

Fact. I was born on July 3, eight days early.

I should have been born on July 11. The new iPhone is out on July 11.

Co-incidence? I don’t think so.

Apart from being a great looking toy, there are serious edges to the new launch as well.

AP (Associated Press) say they will launch its mobile news network to build the world’s biggest local news community.

They will show stories, video and photography running on their wires.

But significantly, they are pushing citizen journalism with an easy click function to send individual’s video, pix and copy straight to AP from the scene of a breaking news story.

Quite how the quality control and spoof alerts will be executed is one thing.

The effect on professional journalism another – and one that has to be looked at closely.

But in my mind, every newsroom in the land should now be scrambling to kit their staff out with iPhone.

It looks like becoming the essential business tool thanks to many other back end applications including Push email, calendars and so on.

Apple have excelled in rolling out beta test drives across industry, education, entertainment, financials and most major working platforms.

It may very well be as close to being a Blackberry Assassin as we’ve seen so far.

Check out the detail here.

Or better still, watch highlights from the address here:

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4 replies

  1. You are all techno crazy!!!!!!!

  2. Since you’ve ‘got to get one’, I take it you do now want an iPhone for your birthday (+8days)? Or are you going to change your mind again? Not that I’m saying you geeky apple-obsessed types are difficult to comprehend or anything…

  3. I have to be honest, it’s a lot better, but it’s not there yet (can someone confirm for me that you can’t forward text messages or use MP3’s as ringtones?). Once it has a better camera, a video recording function (when one has a child you don’t always get the time to grab the proper camera) and can take an external-style keyboard, I think I’ll be there.
    In other words, I’ll be an iPhone 3 adopter next summer…the 3G is a fantastic upgrade from the current version though and the price structures are really good as well.

  4. Mrs Tosh was, predictably, not impressed by the news I’d be frittering yet more of my stipend on the latest version, which is generously being offered to first gen iPhone owners on upgrade for… um… exactly the same price as for everyone else. But it’s a necessity, a non-negotiable thing, and I’ll tell her that the moment I pluck up the courage.
    In the meantime, I can only encourage you to join the ifray – it’s a cracking wee device, and it completely changes the way you use the internet while out and about. And it’s great for long commutes.

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