The Thunderer Cracks the Dead Zone

Monday saw a new look emerge for The Times newspaper which had long been overdue a makeover.

It has gone full colour, introduced a startlingly different look to its features sections, and like many papers recently introduced a colour coded section guide.

But the best change in my opinion, is the relocation of the Leader column to Page 2.

For whatever reason, Page 2 is the ‘dead zone’ for newspapers, the bit people skip over to get to the juicy stories except when it has been used for major breaking news.

More often than not it is where the political nibs or stories that have to be mentioned but hold no interest go.

Some publishers have tried to adapt it for contents and news in briefs.

Yet it’s never really worked.

I generally don’t read the Leader columns, have little interest in them.

But opening up The Times yesterday and again today, there it was, bold as brass and compelling me to go through it.

So simple, it is brilliant.

And perhaps the answer to filling the dead zone at long last.

For their own take on the re-design, click here.

Categories: Launches

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