Telegraph Online Knocks Guardian Off Top Spot

The champagne corks may well have been popping down Victoria in London today as finally toppled the once all-powerful in the ABCes.


Part of the reason of course is down to the huge improvements and great strides made by the Telegraph stable in attacking the online market with determination.


And while the Guardian team has been very busy introducing a new look, I still find the Telegraph more pleasing on the eye and easier to navigate.

I remain a big fan of the Guardian site, not least because of friends involved there.

But I wonder if it may have been a victim of its own success, having had more or less a free reign at online over the past decade.

Guardian Online was among the first to show exactly what could be done with the web, which is why it was able to build up such a huge lead and reputation.

Three coveted ‘Webbys’ in a row until this year were recognition of that.

So it should be no surprise that others have finally began to catch up, and in this case, deliver a bloody nose now they have woken up and smelled the proverbial coffee.

The danger for the Guardian, now, is what to do.

Panic? Man the lifeboats?

Or look at the next big thing, which is presumably why they are integrating their operations ahead of their big move.

Content, will of course, be key in the battle for readers online as it is in print.

Which leaves you to wonder if they really need to look at the online side of the operation, or the news gathering elements it will come to rely on more and more to break exclusive stories now it is faced with something closer to a level playing field.

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