Is Steve Sampson about to become the Simon Cowell of the Web?

Former Scottish Sun editor Steve Sampson has been quietly working behind the scenes on a new project that is apparently now about to go live – finally ending speculation about what he’s been up to.

For those who don’t know, he is the man who later made millions after selling his First Press magazine empire to Mirror Group for £5m and was made a director of the Daily Record and Sunday Mail.

So when this story first appear on allmediascotland back in March, it made people sit up and take notice.

Then…nothing. Not a drip. No information at all.

At least, until now.

Sampson’s new venture was described last night as being “like Britain’s got talent – but for the web” with several big names allegedly lined up.

Colin Montgomerie, Sir Alex Ferguson, David Murray and Stephen Hendry among those quoted as being involved, with several Old Firm footballers also claimed to have sunk money into the project.

Given the emphasis on internet, it opens up a few questions

* could ‘talent’ upload their content online YouTube style?
* will the great British public be able to vote for their favourites with the click of a mouse?
* and will it cover talent from sport, entertainment and other sectors?

If it succeeds in Scotland and the UK, then there may also be plans to export it Stateside.

As well as potentially unearthing some great home-grown talent in the need of guidance and support.

Whatever he has in store, the fact it involves “serious” money and his apparent midas touch for business will make it a gamble many will take notice of.

Assuming, of course, that the claims turn out to be true. Otherwise this post will end up looking really silly, won’t it.

So, over to you, Mr Sampson…put us out of our misery.

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