Business7 goes virtual

If it’s good enough for a multi-million pound newspaper publisher, then I thought it should be good enough for a cheap blog.

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Click play under ‘Moira’s’ picture to get the latest news headlines from Milne Media, and find out what new tricks Trinity Mirror has unleashed on its Scottish news hounds.

To see their new virtual newscaster, click here, and post a message afterwards saying what you think.

Click at the top where it says interactive publication, and you’ll get their digital edition as well.

Now, since my company Planet Ink Ltd, does digital editions it was something I was keen to see.

PageSuite, the platform they are using, are based in Kent and recently signed a 12-month deal with the company.

They are also planning to roll-out all their supplements in the same format.

But it looks like they have a few kinks to sort out – gutters on spreads making text illegible, font sizes a bit small, not all links live.

Yet from a business point of view, the more people encouraged to switch to such platforms, the better.

Despite being courted quite heavily by PageSuite, we don’t yet use them, because we feel their version of page turn isn’t yet as good as say Ceros or Yudu at this stage.

But they have been marketing aggressively, charging £3 per page in some cases for high volume, which doesn’t include design or rich media.

Good luck to them, and the Record stable, for having the foresight to move to the platform.

Being bitter and twisted, I’d say it is a shame they didn’t use us – being a Glasgow company and ex Record staffers!

Yet just by making the switch, they do all like minded companies a service by getting people used to the technology.

And it can only serve the hardworking team there well, Greig Cameron now taking over as chief reporter working with my old boss Jonathan Russell.

For comparison, this is the latest digi-mag we have produced, and this is business 7.

Two years down the line, we are more convinced than ever that page-turn could be the way forward.

The fact that Trinity Mirror are trying it out now too, only goes to support that theory and I’d say they should be congratulated for taking that step as The Scotsman did with its Pulse magazine.

Now we just have to wait and see what the next page holds, and hope that it includes a great chapter for Planet Ink Ltd as more and more companies look to make the switch.

Oh yes, and thanks Moira. You did a smashing job!

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  1. Any chance you weren’t hired because of you being ex-Record staff? 🙂

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