The Big Breakthrough for Mobile Newspapers of the Future?

So how will we be reading our newspapers in five, even 10 years time?

Earlier this month I mentioned the Orange Read&Go and Amazon’s Kindle readers as potential pretenders to the throne.

Yet even they look dated when compared to the likes of Fujitsu’s incredible ultra thin e-paper.

But as good as they all are, I stick by my original assertion that the mighty mobile phone will emerge as the dominant force with some kind of hybrid.

And as if by magic……

May I present to you, the Readius.

A thing of beauty? Maybe.

According to the chief executive of creators Polymer Vision, Karl McGoldrick, the first version will boast a 5-inch fold out display, to be followed by an 8-inch full colour premium.

It is expected to connect to the Internet using 3-G mobile tri-band phone networks – something the much heralded iPhone is only expected to achieve this summer – as well as being able to make calls.

Like iPhone, users will also be able to boost data usage, set up email, podcasts, audio, news sources and sync with home computers.

Nothing has been said about price other than a suggestion that it will be around the same as a “premium mobile phone”.

But future version are also to have a easy to use keyboard flip out too and with 30 hours of battery life, should be no slouch for heavy users.

And they are also looking to include a video function for later models.

The advantages of size – a roll up phone that can fit in the pocket – are clear if it does what it says on the tin.

Take it a step further an add a touchscreen, and the end user experience would be enhanced in a way that few have yet been able to harness.

And will surely be of massive interest to newspaper bosses trying to find a way of making what is printed and appears on the web, ever more appealing to a mass market fast discovering that it is they who now hold the balance of power, not the publishers.

Here’s a video from a few months ago showing a prototype in action.

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