Scottish Press Awards 2008 – the tension mounts

Tonight is the night when Scotland’s Fourth Estate gets to put on its glad rags and go out to play.

Suffice to say wine will be had, drunken finger pointing indulged and best of all, the finest journalists in the land will be honoured for their work at this year’s Scottish Press Awards.

It is easy to shrug, laugh off the plaudits and bashfully mumbled about it “only being a gong”.

But not so.

Arguments rage about standards in journalism and reporting falling, of how new graduates can no longer cut the mustard in they way they once did.

And there may be elements of truth to this when papers such as the already award winning Glasgow Evening Times has its own staff on refresher courses with weekly reviews to avoid such pitfalls.

All the more reason, then, why we should celebrate journalistic excellence and endeavor on our doorstep.

These are not awards for the sake of it.

It is a way to raise the bar, to do your best to try and better rival publications, show off that even in these uncertain times of cuts and technological advances there remains a fundamental pride in doing what journalists should do best – breaking great exclusives.

In a previous post I mentioned some of those in line for a prize.

Each and every one on the list deserving of their place there and as a guest at the event, I hope I get the chance to congratulate and commiserate with them all.

And this year’s awards at the Radisson Hotel in Glasgow will also celebrate a first.

Former journalist turned PR director Craig McGill will be breaking the results live on his website from the event thanks to the power of Twitter.

Proof if any is needed that where Scotland leads be it on dead trees or the web, others surely will follow.

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