Mail Online builds its own site for Beta launch

Mention the name of former Daily Record editor in chief Martin Clarke and you’ll divide an empty room.

There were those who despised him, I mean really hated him, claiming he was a bully who destroyed one of Scotland’s greatest institutions.

Then there are those who think him a genius, a visionary in some ways, who appreciated having someone at the helm who wouldn’t settle for second best.

For my money, I had a great time working for his paper.

He had it packed out with talented writers and photographers, while his drive and enthusiasm infected the whole building.

It felt like a paper, it had a swagger. And while you can question some of his editorial decisions as any reader of news should do, you could never question his passion for it.

In the end he was done for by the Board, partly because he refused to do without. If money needed to be spent, it would be.

And I’m glad to see he hasn’t changed.

Reading this piece in Media Guardian yesterday about the re-launch o Mail Online, one quote stuck out.

Clarke, now the editorial director of Mail Online, said: “We built it ourselves. We couldn’t find anything on the market that did what we wanted it to do.”

Brilliant! I can just imagine the expletives as test after test failed at the start.

Already hits are up under his tenure, and that’s before the relaunch.

See what you make of their future plans here.

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