Mirror redesign hits the newstands

The Daily Mirror unveiled much of its fresh new look today.

Not in one fell sweep, mind.

Readers are known not to like major redesigns being foisted upon them as ‘relaunches’ so my old employers have sprinkled the changes throughout the paper along with some of the existing look that was introduced under previous editor Piers Morgan.

As I blogged on Monday, the new look comes from the inspired design tables of Cases Associats in Spain.

And it makes for pleasant reading.

In the Scottish edition at least, you couldn’t really tell from the morning splash that there was much new going on inside.

But turn to the back pages to see what is in store for the news pages with the radical new presentation.

Headlines have a new font are almost all in italics, giving the sports pages a far more user friendly magazine feel throughout.

What’s more almost all are in colour, with a new easy on the eye font for its star columnists.

Working from the front you pick up the first signs of change in the new font used on the soft page three showbiz feature about Paul McCartney spread across the entire page.

The new fonts are also rolled out in colour on the following pages, including the story of the day on page five which, as predicted on Monday, wipes out an entire page with a huge image containing the lead copy within its borders.

Another change is in bylines on shorter stories which are being indented into the first pars continental style, also sometimes seen in US newspapers.

Also as suggested, stories with a more features pedigree receive colour headlines to set them apart from hard news pieces such as the article about a new mum who battled adversity which again takes a full page to itself on page nine.

Page 25 also has a bright and breezy tabloid feel with two related articles, new style bylines while the business pages also get a make-over.

All in all a more European, young, accessible

Editor Richard Wallace is his own man, and as this article shows, has long believed that tabloid newspapers have to adapt or die.

He reportedly told one magazine: “We need to get used to the idea that today’s newspapers aren’t necessarily about ‘news’.”

The tinkering will continue for a few weeks yet, no doubt focus groups held to discover what proves a hit and a miss, while the staff themselves will also need to get used to playing with their new toys.

What media commentators make of it will also be interesting, not least because they aren’t usually known for their generosity over such matters.

But not half as interesting as the third quarter circulation figures which will show if it is a gamble that really can pay off for Wallace and his multi-award award winning team.

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