New media stars wanted for STV online

Quite what Lord Thomson would have made of it all now, we’ll never know.

But Scottish Television are about to launch a renewed assault on the internet.

In their attempt to move forward following a painful round of redundancies earlier this year, the current management clearly aren’t holding back in their ambition as this advert shows.

Their head of new media, Alistair Brown, is spearheading a recruitment drive to further what the broadcaster describes as their “ambitious plans” for the online business which they hope will create “a world class user experience.”

Among the talent to be hired is a News Web Producer to manage the entire editorial direction of the site supported by web editors, web producers and web TV assistants.

Another senior role will be the recruiting of a Head of Product/Web Development to oversee their new media development strategy and product.

A senior web developer and senior web designer are also on the STV wish list.

And tellingly, so too a digital sales manager and digital sales executive as part of a team to be charged with seeking both sponsors for various elements of the new look content, and advertising streams to match.

In doing so, perhaps Lord Thomson’s long held belief that STV was a “licence to print money” may one day come true after all.

Categories: Launches, Scottish Media Jobs

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