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Earlier this month I touched on how newspapers are developing their online facilities with a view to snapping up a share of the traditional television advertising market.

One early success has been the impressive Telegraph TV, while The Guardian is also scoring well with its video content even before it moves to purpose built studios at new offices by the end of the year.

The potential to build up multi-media platforms spanning print, web and TV provides a chance not just to retain and attract advertisers with promises of reach and value, but from a journalistic point of view, enhance their newspaper products at a time when many are simply managing decline.

In Scotland, the Daily Record has been facing such decline, losing its place as the market leader in terms of circulation to a cut price Scottish Sun.

But it has managed to retain the bulk of its most lucrative advertising contracts while narrowing the gap, in part by launching free products in Record PM and Business7, and re-launching its websites with redesigns and a new staff to build up its internet presence.

Now it is about to take it a step further with the proposed launch of Daily Record TV.

By the end of this month, it is likely users will be able to log onto the Daily Record website from 1pm to get daily live news broadcasts presented by existing newspaper staff.

And in doing so will help the Record steal a further march on its rivals north of the Border, particularly the Sun who are yet to have any dedicated online content for its Scottish edition.

It’s potentially a bold move by my former employers.

But who will watch such updates when we already have TV and online sources to tap into for regular news?

Raising another question, would more specialised broadcasts work better? Perhaps building on the huge successes enjoyed with its video content in areas such as sport where the likes of veterans Jim Traynor and Hugh Keevins are proving big hits, particularly when involving the Old Firm.

One area which would appear obvious to develop would seem to be business bulletins which would potentially give its infant Business7 newspaper and website a higher profile and much more function, particularly given that Edinburgh is the UK’s second financial centre outside of London.

And will they do it properly?

There will be no doubting either the professionalism of dedication from the staff who will be involved, but much will rely on what support they receive from the Board.

Will they build a proper recording studio, arm staff with decent camera and recording equipment and the associated training?

And how will they get around any simmering unrest among union members already uncertain about having members write for the web without any associated house agreement in place.

Suck it and see surely cannot be an option given the massive potential for public embarrassment if it were to look amateur and fail, rivals watching for every glitch and stumble so they can put the boot in while trying to develop a response.

In theory the concept would seem sound.

Managing director Mark Hollinshead appears to be the driving force behind the idea, and if memory serves, he has a broadcast pedigree that includes L!VE TV, complete with the many stunts that helped almost make it a success.

With proper investment and stewardship, it could be a crowning moment for his titles which for too long have been on the defensive, by taking the initiative and looking ahead.

Without it, rivals will simply have a chance to hijack the idea and do it properly themselves.

Either way, it is sure to make for compelling viewing from the outside.

At least for a while.

Remember this…?

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