Guardian says old timers not the only ones in firing line

The Guardian newspaper seems keen to ensure they aren’t seen as the bad guys while management look to replace its more ludite members of staff with those willing to embrace the challenges brought by new technology.

They told today’s Press Gazette that the planned redundancies ahead of a move to King’s Cross in London weren’t specifically singling out old timers and experienced hands, even if they are likely to be on the higher wages.

No, no, no. Perish the thought. They would be delighted to help train them up on how to become multi-media journalists, and make someone else redundant instead as part of the so far voluntary programme.

Oh well, that’s all right then……

But old dogs and new tricks don’t always work the way you expect. I still remember with fondest memories one of Scotland’s most legendary journalists, a master in his field, who struggled with the switch to computers.

So much so he would return to the office, pick up the phone and dictate his story to the copytakers not five feet from where he was sitting, and did so for years without anyone batting an eyelid.

Not quite sure how he’d get round shooting a video-cast with some of the dodgy characters he had to interview, mind.

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