Guardian puts new media over traditional skills

In the course of the last few years I’ve debated the need or otherwise for journalists to learn the basics of using the web.

Yet there are always those traditionalists who mock with the almost obligatory “what do I need to know about that sh*t for, I’m a journalist, not an anorak”.

As employers invest millions into their online operations, many remain blinkered to the fact that simply to survive in the trade it may well make sense to adapt to the new trends.

They argue that is their right.

And so it is.

After all, the web and online isn’t for everyone.

Yet to all those old dogs who refuse to learn new tricks, I bring their attention to this article in Press Gazette.

It reports how the Guardian is losing 19 staff to redundancy ahead of a move to its new home at King’s Cross later this year.

The telling line reading: “it is axing experienced journalists to enable it to recruit more staff with new media skills.”

For now the losses are being pursued through a voluntary scheme, in true GNM style.

Yet I can’t help but wonder how many other news organisations may have plans up their sleeves to replace and replenish, without the sentiment of ensuring those old hands who eventually go are ‘looked after’.

And how many journalists could be retained, if only they’d brush up on new skills.

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  1. Hey Shaun,
    What amazes me about all this new media stuff is the indifference among most of the young hacks I know.
    They’re not especially keen on adding audio or video to their repertoire, rarely think beyond the traditional print and broadcast media and don’t see any journalistic potential in social network sites.
    Indeed, most of the people I know with aptitude/interest in these areas are grizzled old hacks in their 30s (or, dare I say it, 40s).

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