Digital Deadline Looms

Deadline Press and Picture Agency in Scotland was something of a smash hit when it first burst onto the news scene in Edinburgh.

Little wonder when you consider the dynamic duo of Scott Douglas and Stephen Rafferty were at the helm.

It’s since changed in structure and grown, considerably, from those early days.

And with a recruitment drive now underway again, one line really caught my eye in this advert for new blood.

“You will work across news, features and online to set agendas, break exclusives – and help transform us into a digital leader.”

Turn to their accompanying advert for a new photographer for more clues to their new direction.

“You will be unfazed by the challenges of news, sport, PR and realise the explosion of web content makes stunning images more sought after than ever before.”

Further proof about the onward march of all things internet?

I’ll say.

And good on them.

As I mentioned in a previous blog about how businesses have some hard decisions to make on how to treat online content provision, such bold moves don’t come without risk.

But standing still would be worse.

I for one hope they prove to be every bit as successful online, as they have been elsewhere.

And I hope they get the recognition they deserve for taking the initiative too.

Categories: Scottish Media Jobs

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