New look for S&UN online

Congratulations to award winning journalist John Hutcheson who has graduated into the role of Online Editor for the S&UN group and saw his first project go live this week.

The Hamilton Advertiser is first to get the new template with button bars, page tears and Flash banners galore as part of parent company Trinity Mirror’s online push.

And it really is night and day from its previous incarnation.

If you are quick and visit John’s former stomping grounds at both the Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser and the Wishaw Press you will see just how big a transformation has taken place.

Both are expected to be next in line for the Hutcheson treatment with the East Kilbride News and Rutherglen Reformer to follow.

And it is a timely move.

As I blogged here previously, the Evening Times in Glasgow are close to relaunching their own title.

And word is there will be a heavy emphasis on community news – with either local pages or portals expected to be in the mix somewhere as it looks to re-engage its readers on every street corner.

But it will surely be the battle for advertisers as much as readers online that will be key to deciding whoever ultimately comes out on top.

NB: As John quite rightly points out, while he will steer the good ship, the engine room is more Rolls Royce than Ford Focus thanks only to the talented team of web designers and IT specialists who give him the tools to make the content sing and dance…..

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5 replies

  1. your a super star john!

  2. It’s all down to you John!
    Richard Mooney
    Web Journalist,
    S&UN Digital

  3. Think we need a ‘little’ talk John…
    Craig Brown
    Head Of Digital

  4. Yes John…it’s all about you!
    Scott Sandlan,
    Web Designer,

  5. Hi Shaun,
    Thanks for your positive feedback – always nice to hear when we’re doing something well.
    You’re absolutely right when you mention the emphasis on community news – over the coming weeks and months, it will form a key part of our websites.
    We will be continually looking at ways to get readers and users involved. Rather than talking to them, we aim to have conversations with them.
    One thing I would point out though is that I can’t take the credit for the new websites – that should go to guys who were in place in the digital department before I came on board. They’ve done a great job so far and hopefully that will continue as we roll-out the remaining 16 S&UN companion websites.
    Thanks Shaun and keep up the good work.
    John Hutcheson,
    Online Editor,

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