Sobia Wali’s death in black and white

Congratulations to my former colleagues at the Daily Record for breaking the tragic story about the death of Sobia Gulzar, nee Wali.

It is a tale riddled with mystery, in-fighting and sadness. The life of a young 22-year-old Muslim woman who wed in secret suddenly being snuffed out in yet to be explained circumstances.

Not withstanding the tragedy her friends and family must feel, in newspaper terms, in has all the ingredients of a great exclusive tale.

So much so, the paper’s website now under new online editor Iain Hepburn smashed through the 200,000 hits barrier for the first time ever, partly on the back of interest in the mysterious death which easily topped the page impressions this week.

Broadcasters at ITN and the BBC followed up Mark McGivern’s story, so too the Scottish Daily Mail, The Guardian in London and even the Edinburgh based Scotsman.

But given that the poor woman is from Glasgow, where was the coverage in either The Herald or the city’s Evening Times.

It could be that I’ve simply not spotted their own take on the story.

However a check using the Midas cuttings service failed to throw up any results to prove me wrong.

And even a search of both their Online editions and website failed to deliver.

So why?

Do the editorial teams simply not think it merits any coverage and that their rivals are wrong?

Are they reluctant to follow up another paper’s splash and subsequent coverage?

Or do they think it has run its course, despite police awaiting to question relatives over the circumstances surrounding Sobia’s death.

Of course, it could simply be that they have other information gleaned from their own contacts, that has persuaded them that this is one they’d rather leave well alone.

But the comparison between their treatment of this death and that of fellow Scot Karen Aim who was murdered in New Zealand is pretty stark.

And poor Karen was from Orkney – far, far away from Glasgow.

Not a daughter of Glasgow like Sobia.

Whatever the reason, it was the hot topic of conversation in the bars of Glasgow populated by journalists from various titles last night.

And I dare say will continue to be for a few days yet, at least while the story has more to come.

UPDATE: Only by default, but I finally found a small piece in The Herald. Must have blinked, but hey, well done guys. It was almost worth the exhaustive effort.
Then, not 24-hrs after my original post, another story today, – albeit lifted from the Record. Coincidence, of course. But since it was a new article, why, er, were the quotes the same as in their one and only previous effort?
We now await Monday’s Evening Times with interest…..

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  1. To the anonymous poster who left detailed information about this tragic case earlier, thank you. It has been passed on.

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