The Independent – new look for website

The first thing that hit me about today’s Independent was the banner across the top asking readers to visit its new, improved website.

So bold and colourful was the plea, that I did.

And you know what, I was pleasantly surprised.20080124_p1_small
There may still be a bit of work to do regarding font size and style, and the length of its never ending home-page.

But it ticked most of the boxes for me.

Links were not just quick but speedy, drop down bars were helpful and clear, as were the useful tabs spread across the roof of the page.

There was a bit of wasted space across the banner, but clearly that has been left for future features.

I also liked their indyblogs category.

Yet the main attraction, at least as far as I was concerned, was how easy it was to access the news content.

Simple, well laid out, and using search engine friendly headlines throughout.

Compare this to other newspaper sites – which you can access to the left of this post – and you can see for yourself the differences in style.

Of course, it’s all down to personal choice.

Which makes me wonder when all newspapers will introduce ways of allowing readers to construct home pages that provides content they want to read.

We’ve already seen examples of this happening with the likes of Google and so on.

But with newspaper delivery to PDA’s and soon the iPhone ready to spark a new way of digesting our daily diet of facts and features, tailoring it to suit individual needs – or allowing users to do so themselves – may prove key to attracting their interest.

Especially for those who are independently minded.

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