John Mullin lands top job at the Sindy

Considering a possible return to the cut and thrust of newspapers in London last year, I was fortunate enough to have a coffee with former Scotsman deputy editor John Mullin.

He looked very at home in his glass fronted offices on the waterfront at Independent House on Marsh Wall near Canary Wharf, the newsroom before him buzzing with activity.

At the time the group was going through a few changes.

And with the announcement that Tristan Davies was stepping down from the helm at the Independent on Sunday earlier this month and a repackaging for the Sindy in general, it seems more changes are very much afoot.

None more so than today’s announcement that John has been appointed editor of the title, just a week or so after he took over responsibilities as acting editor.

John is a familiar face among many north of the Border thanks to his tenure as deputy editor at the Scotsman.

But he is also held in very high regard by friends and colleagues, not only at The Independent and Sindy, but across the newspaper village in London.

“Bloody brilliant news, about time too,” was the reaction of one this afternoon.

Perhaps the only sour point being that it was his former colleagues at The Guardian who broke the news on the very day his sister paper The Independent decided to make a big online push in the main paper.

Nonetheless, congratulation John. A pint will be winging its way south soon.

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