Scottish Sun goes green too – well, almost

Picked up my super-soaraway Scottish Sun today (only 20p) and was staggered to find that in this week of blogging about newspapers turning green, they’ve only gone and joined the club.

They had four-pages devoted to their massive free energy saving lightbulb give away in tomorrow’s paper – complete with a forward from Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Cheekily, they aped their own front page for Brown around their famous 1992 splash of former Labour leader Neil Kinnock inside a lightbulb which read ‘If Kinnock wins today will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights’.


In truth, it’s a great marketing idea as well as actually doing some good.

All their readers have to do is find a participating store and, well, buy tomorrow’s Scottish Sun to get a pair of energy efficient bulbs for free.

And we’re talking about heck of a lot of bulbs here too.

What’s more, it looks like someone else is picking up the tab – ie the power company who are providing the bulbs in the first place.

Given the circulation gap between the Scottish Sun and rivals at the Daily Record narrowed this month, give-a-ways like this and their cheap holidays have got to be worth a try.

But I have one, teeny weeny question for our chums at the Current Bun.

The project is sound. The puffery and promotion looked good.

And getting GB on board to offer a seal of approval was a real masterstroke.

Injecting a sense of humour – as only the Sun can – also helps make an otherwise un-tabloid subject something worth them doing.

Only, who thought it was a good idea to wrap the four-page ‘let’s save the planet’ pull-out promoting the whole thing around this week’s free motoring section promoting all the gas-guzzling, emissions spewing cars of the day?

* Incidentally, I am currently reading the hugely enjoyable The Blair Years – extracts from The Alastair Campbell Diaries which contains a clear insight into exactly how much the original ‘Lightbulb’ splash got to Neil Kinnock, revealed during entries at the time Tony Blair began courting the Rupert Murdoch press ahead of Labour’s first election win in a generation.
Well, well worth a read.

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