Scotsman’s green crusade gathers apace

Not content with publishing their ever so clever green issue as reported here previously, it seems our chums at The Scotsman have decide to find out how environmentally friendly their readers are.

Now, it would be a cheap shot to suggest that they are among the most environmentally friendly readers on the planet.

After all, it would explain why so many have stopped buying the bedraggled title – to save paper – surely?

But no, they really are trying to set their own agenda here, so we will refrain from such childishness.

Look, they even have a dedicated section telling us all how other people are going green and how we can help too.

You can’t get get much more helpful that than, can you?

Or maybe you can.

For our chums at Barclay house have emailed their database with this survey to interrogate, sorry, ask how much their own followers know about the nation’s environmental issues.Picture_1

Of course, the cynical out there may suggest that it is just a good way for them to try and get friendly with the new Scottish Government who are heavily involved in the campaign.

No bad thing when the revolving door of its political staff has picked up so much spin it could probably harness almost as much energy as the nearest windfarm.

But that aside, it is another example of how the ‘green’ issue has turned from an aside in news value to one truly dominating both the domestic and international agenda.

We can scoff because it is The Scotsman, and as such, marvel how a good idea can turn into a lame duck.

Who knows, it may even win them an award – at least from some environmental group.

And good luck to them, they all count.

But let’s hope they aren’t going to rely on Government handouts and self-generated reader surveys to carry them through the campaign.

They have an opportunity here to do some real investigative stuff, to inject some passion into their writing and truly engage in with a readership slowly waking up to the problems our planet faces.

The fear is, they switch people off before getting to the heart of the stories, regurgitating many of the lines that have been trodden over before.

Recycling should only go so far.

And that would be a wasted opportunity for all involved.

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