Craig McGill – The Comeback Kid

While the media world and their auntie gets in a froth about the return of News at Ten on ITV, complete (at least for now) with Sir Trevor McDonald, the newspaper world in Scotland witnessed its own comeback today.

Because glaring out from the front page of the Scottish Sun was an EXCLUSIVE story by friend of this blog Craig McGill from Cluttered Desk.

It was a decent wee tale about how new laws on alcohol advertising being muted in the corridors of power at Holyrood could lead to the nation’s most popular summer music festival T in the Park being left under threat because it is sponsored by brewing giants Tennent’s.

The background to this goes back some way as those hoping to promote healthy lifestyle are pitched against those trying to not only encourage Scottish success stories, but tourists to visit and really put Scotland on the map.

Few events in Scotland can claim the success enjoyed by T which not only hauls in the world’s best bands and artists every year, but rakes in millions of pounds for the Scottish economy.

First Ministers have been a regular sight at festivals gone by, and it would be a real kick in the teeth to not just one of Scotland’s biggest employers Tennent’s, but the entire team behind the festival, if the affect of such a new law didn’t take into account or allow for such important exemptions.

The case relating to drink sponsorship should and is open for debate when it comes to sport and children with companies like Tennent’s already doing their bit to act responsibly in ways that can continue to support those initiatives that rely on them.

But surely music festivals – and much live entertainment in general – cannot be dealt with in the same way given that they are inextricably linked.

T in the Park has, in all the years I’ve been going, acted to ensure a good time is had by all in an increasingly safe and enjoyable way which is why it is consistently being voted as the most popular in the UK not just by the music fans, but the acts themselves.769467033_e92c833512

What Craig has identified is a story that can run and run until a solution is found.

Not bad as exclusives go either considering he’s just back into journalism after a stint working in PR for both a top bank and one of the countries biggest PR companies after stepping out of the cut and thrust of daily papers for a while after a successful stint working alongside me at the Scottish Mirror.

It’s a great tabloid story that should really grab readers of the Scottish Sun which has so often in the past led the way for festival coverage.

Working alongside the vastly experienced Peter Cox on features at their new Queen Street HQ in Glasgow should give him a great opportunity to learn from a real tabloid veteran, and bring in even more exclusive tales in the months to come.

Proof, if any were needed, that you just can’t keep a good man down.

NB: Sadly The Sun doesn’t put much Scottish content online so I can’t add a link, but the team are working towards improving this by summer.

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2 replies

  1. I have to say the name may have proved prophetic. Check out tomorrow’s Scottish Sun… but can I be McQuarterofaGill instead of the Gaelic version you’ve typed 🙂

  2. Any more drink-related exclusives of this magnitude and we’ll have to start calling him Crag McQaurterofaGill.
    Nice one Craig – and say hello to Coxy for me.

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