Guardian going green

As long as I can remember The Guardian has, perhaps unfairly, been maligned as home to sandal wearing, lentil munching hippies.

But soon we will be able to add tree-huggers to their description.

Yup, The Guardian is going green.

Now papers have long had environmental reporters, some more than some.

Towards the end of last year the Sunday Herald had front page after front page by environment editor Rob Edwards, and did so again at the weekend.

Last week The Scotsman published its ‘green’ issue as part of a campaign with the Scottish Government to raise awareness of eco issues.

I am reliably informed they went as far as to investigate whether they could actually print on green coloured paper before settling on a simple green masthead after being told that (a) it would be very expensive (b) look very poor and, no doubt the clincher, (c) would be less environmentally friendly than any Scotsman in history.

Of course other papers too have been drifting towards a greater emphasis on the environment as the public at large accept that it is a growing part of our daily life to be concerned.

So don’t be surprised to find the tabloids beginning to follow suit in the year ahead.

Appointing an Environment website editor clearly shows those at The Guardian think it is a hot topic that can only enhance their coverage.

It will be interesting to see who lands the new post and more importantly, how popular the project becomes with an ever aware readership.

NB: Jessica Aldred, senior sub-editor for the Guardian’s online environment team, has been appointed Acting Environment Editor at Guardian Unlimited.

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