Kenny Richey a man of the People

For two decades Edinburgh born Kenny Richey has been know as the ‘Death Row Scot’ waiting for his fate in a US jail, blamed for the death of toddler Cynthia Collins in the States.

He always denied it, not everyone believed him.

Over the years I’ve chatted to his mum Eileen off and on, a pleasant wee woman who only wanted to see her laddie back home in Dalry.

Now she’s getting her wish.

By all accounts it was a bit of a media scrum at Edinburgh Airport for his return as two veterans of the long and winding tale, former crime corr Stephen Rafferty and his former Edinburgh Evening News colleague Scott Douglas explain in their blogs.

But the real bunfight was tied up with luncheons for PR guru Max Clifford more than a week ago when a three way deal worth a reputed £50,000 for Richey was agreed between Sky News, the Mail on Sunday and my former chums at the Sunday People.

That’s right, the Sunday People.

It’s something of a coup for what has become Trinity Mirror’s poor cousin in recent years, more often than not having to stand in the shadow of the Sunday Mirror.

And probably thanks in no small part to the current team running the show.

Two months ago Mark Thomas stood down as editor with the impressive Lloyd Embley (assistant editor at the Daily Mirror) and the Mirror’s highly regarded head of news Gary Jones taking over the hot-seat meantime.

Both are cool, calm and extremely shrewd operators who have the ear of not just the fellow editors in their stable, but management too.

And it may well be a marker for the future that they have been able to land such a scoop so early into their tenure along with the heavily financed MoS and Sky.

There is little doubt that the Richey interview should be compelling reading, and the Sunday People a must read again this weekend for those that may not have visited for a while.

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