Sun headline writers show killer touch again

Praise is often lavished on the headline writers at The Sun as they show off their skills from the creative hub of their Wapping HQ.

And little wonder, they’ve given readers some of the snappiest, funniest and bizarre headlines and sub-decks in tabloid history.

Gotcha was clearly the most controversial, about the sinking of the General Belgrano during the Falklands War.

But that aside, we’ve had the likes of Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster on the showbiz prankster, Only Here for De Beers about the foiled gem heist on the old Millennium Dome, Who Told That Chopper Whopper? over the Westland affair and Zip Me Up Before You Go Go when singer George Michael was arrested by US cops for lewd behavior in a public loo.

There have been many others of course such as Up Yours Delors against the then French president, and a tale about a sex swap cop on the beat which read No Nobby Bobby Wants Woman’s Jobby – PC Hangs Up His Helmet.

But today kudos to not those kings of spin in London, but their counterparts on the Scottish edition which has become the best selling newspaper in Scotland.

And little wonder with headlines such as today’s.

Oh My God, They’ve Freed Kenny, a great play on the famous South Park catchphrase to illustrate the release of Edinburgh born ‘Death Row Scot’ Kenny Richey.

Hats off to them. Funny without being insensitive, and one that would make me pick up the paper on the way to work, for sure.

But there could be more to come.

Rumour has it that Richey, with the help of PR fixer Max Clifford, has already signed a £50k deal in a share between two newspapers and a TV station for his story.

Just watch out for all the spoilers.

And, of course, the headlines to come.

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